Thank you for taking the time to visit our web site. I live in Taupo, next to New Zealand's largest lake and I split my time between Japan and New Zealand.  Manuka Honey and it's power to help with sore throats, mouth ulcers, h-pylori is well know in Japan. Unfortunately, a lot of the Manuka Honey available in Japan has a strong taste that makes is less appealing to many. Combined with the image of Manuka being the most expensive honey in the world, a lot of would be fans find it difficult to try. Here at Honey Fusion, we wanted to see if we could change that. We only import and sell the delicious creamy 100% pure Manuka Honey of the Central Plateau region in New Zealand's North Island.
Because I was born and raised in Okinawa, Japan, I wanted to combine the best of both worlds and we have successfully developed our Fusion Honey range using the best Manuka Honey available to us and the locally sourced natural Okinawa produce.
We take extreme pride and care in producing our Fusion Honey and ensure that the honey remains raw and the local ingredients are no subject to any processing heat that will destroy the natural nutritional content. The resulting product give you not only the benefits of 100% pure Manuka Honey, but also the nutritional value of the local ingredients. None of our products have any additives, preservatives, or chemicals so you cna be sure that what you are eating is naturally good for you.

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Managing Director Naoko J McIlvride

About Honey Fusion's Manuka Honey


100% Pure, Raw, and Unblended Manuka Honey

New Zealand's native Manuka plant  blooms from north to south much in the same way as the Sakura trees in Japan bloom. Each region blooms for just 3-6 weeks. The dedicated beekeepers we work with spend an enormous amount of time preparing the hives to make sure the bees are in premium health when the Manuka flowers begin to bloom. During the blooming season, they easily travel upwards of 600km round trip to hives that are located in remote areas to ensure that we get only the purest and most unadulterated Manuka honey we can. We are honored to be able to supply high quality honey to all our customers. We hope you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy getting the honey to you.

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Mr & Mrs M Okinawa


 We have been using Manuka Honey for about a year and a half now and have recently swiched to Honey Fusion's Manuka Honey. Compared to the Manuka we had before, Honey Fusion's Manuka feels stronger and we have noticed marked increased benefits from it. We normally have a spoonful in the morning but if we feel a cold coming on we increae that to three times a day.
Mrs S Tokyo


 I had heard that Manuka Honey is a natural anti-biotic that was good for eating adn also for applying driectly to cuts, spots, and ulcers so I tried it and have nver looked back. When my children get mouth ulcers I always put Manuka Honey straight on them. Because it tastes so good (unlike over the counter medicines) the kids happily eat Manuka Honey((^◇^;))
Mr & Mrs Tanaka Chatan, Okinawa


I first found Manuka Honey about 20 years ago when i took a tea and aroma coordinator course. The more I earn about the properties of Manuka Honey the more I realise the benefits it has for maintaining our health. I have long been troubled by digestive tract problems and Manuka Honey has been my saviour. Our children regulary eat Manuka Honey to help them fight off cold. When they were at elementary school they always enjoyed Manuka Honey Butter toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon. I recoomend everyone try this delcious combination. It's often said that the higher the MGO content in Manuka the better it is for you but in actual fact the higher the MGO value, the more difficult Manuka Honey is to eat. To gain the full benfit of Manuka Honey you shold eat it everyday and so I highly recommend Honey Fusion's MGO 180+ (approximately UMF 10+). It balances a great taste with real benefits. Whenever I have a sore throat I go straight to my Manuka Honey supply.
Ganeko san Uruma City, Okinawa


My hosptialised mother eats Manuka Honey everyday. She has a spoonful whenever she is feeling hungry. Since she has been doing that, she has started feeling so much better and slowly but surely her smile has returned.