Our Mission

Development and distribution of safe, high quality, great tasting products
Using 100% pure New Zealand Manuka Honey as a foundation, we will form strong, stable, and supportive relationships with the most professional and dedicated New Zealand beekeepers and local Okinawa producers in order to produce products that are both sort after and welcomed by all our customers and that serve to support the achievement of healthy lifestyle for all.

Our Vision

Constant growth as a company to meets the needs of a dynamic customer base.


• Be grateful for nature, the environment, partners, supporters, and customers we are surrounded by.
• Maintain positivity, confidence, and pride in what we do and always have a smile for our customers.
• Never stop investing in learning and growing as a company and as individuals.
• Irrespective of size, always act in a first class manner in all things we do as a company and as individuals.

Our Philosophy

Always be grateful and appreciative of the natural environment, our partners, supporters, and customers with whom we are lucky enough to be surrounded by.

Always strive to maintain an enjoyable environment and culture for both staff and customers alike.

Never forget the importance of doing the right thing and in doing so strive to become a company and individuals who are worthy of the respect of others.

Glocal Staff
Intricately combine high level global management perspective with local management principles and values

Just try it! Once you take the first step, the way will open up before you. Don’t look for excuses not to do something, take action.