Honey Fusion specialises in sourcing the best Manuka Honey New Zealand has to offer. Not only do we wholesale and retail our 100% pure Manuka Honey, we also produce our own unique Fusion Honey range by combining fresh, locally sourced fruit with our pure Manuka Honey. The result is a perfect balance of fruity taste and aroma with the underlyng goodness of 100% pure high grade Manuka Honey. All our products a 100% natural and contain no additves, coloring, added sugar, flavoring, or preservatives. Safe and delicious for the entire family.

By partnering with some of New Zeland Central Plateau's most passionate Beekeepers, we are able to offer incredible quality Manuka honey imported directly from New Zealand. Our Fusion Honey products are a first for Japan and in most cases, the fact that we use locally sourced Okinawan ingredients, a world first. We have brought together the nature and beauty of both countries and have created a unique culinary experience that delivers all the power of Manuka Honey as well as the goodness and nutrients of fresh fruit.

Nao, born and raised in Okinawa. Glenn, born and raised in New Zealand. Together, we have fused the things we love aobut both our countries and produced our unique Fusion Honey range.


Land available for food production in Okinawa is sadly decreasng year by year. The population of this tiny island is steadily growing, and with a sub-tropical climate that sees agricultural pests year round combined with the damage caused by frequent typhoons, life for the average farmer in Okinawa is far from easy. Crop production is hugely influenced by the weather, pests, and natural disasters meaning that often a large percentage of the crops are either unable to be sold or can't be sold for a reasonable return.

In order to support Okinawa's farmers, Honey Fusion endeavours to buy all the produce used its Fusion product ranges directly from local farmers. With the ability to succesfully utilize blemished or damage fruit that would otherwise end up discarded, we can help mitigate financial risk that farmers experience year in and year out due to the local climate and weather patterns.

02 From Okinawa to the World

Honey Fusion imports and processes not only its unique and highly sought after Manuka Honey directly from New Zealand, but also a range of other delicious and all natural New Zealand honeys. We also specialise in delicating combining our honey with local produce to produce our Fusion Honey range.

Our dedicated team strive to support our local growers and deliver to our customers the safest, most healthy products possible.

In addition, Honey Fusionnot only supports local agricultural endeavours but we are committed to the development and production of products for export to countries that, through changes to the climate and global warming, are now or will be in the not too distant future, be facing shortages in local food production.

Okinawa, while its climate and geographical postion makes some agricultural production difficult, still has the ability to produce a number of different crops. Given the current changes in global climate, and the fact that a worsening in current trends could see some nations lose their ability to provide food for their populations via local sources, its our responsibility to ensure that the available agricultural land in Okinawa stays in agriculture not only for the benefit of local people but for people around the world.