A deliciously delivate fusion of 100% pure New Zealand Manuka Honey (MGO 220+) and Okinawa Ginger.

A fantastic blend of the sweetness of raw Manuka Honey and with a spicy ginger hit that warms your entire body. Add it to your tea. Perfect for those cold winter nights or when you feel a cold coming on.

Using our unique in-house production process this product is perfectly blended with absolutely no additives and pure raw Manuka Honey just the way nature intended it.

●Ingredients:Raw Manuka Honey(New Zealand), Ginger(Okinawa)
●Origin:New Zealand, Japan(Okinawa)
●Manufacturer:Honey Fusion Limited

【How to eat】
Perfect just as it is or add it to soda water or tea. A great addition to make a spicy and sweet cocktail, or use it in any dish that calls for sugar and ginger as an ingredient. 

※ Not suitable for babies under 1 year old.