100% Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey and Okinawan Passion Fruit
MANUKA & Passion Fruit

An exquisite fusion blend of 100% pure New Zealand Manuka Honey and the tangy sweet flavor of Okinawa Passion Fruit. A perfect addition to yogurt, ice cream, or just as it is.
Raw, unpasteurised Manuka Honey and Passion Fruit brings you the best of both worlds. All the active properties of the Manuka Honey have been preserved and we have added all the unadulterated goodness of raw, unprocessed passionfruit. No preservatives, no additives, 100% all natural.

●Ingredients:Manuka Honey(New Zealand), Passion Fruit(Okinawa)
●Country of Origin:New Zealand, Japan (Okinawa)
●Manufacturer:Honey Fusion Limited


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  • ファッションキャンディパルコ店
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  • ハッピーモア市場
  • SIR株式会社
  • おんなの駅 なかゆくい市場
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