Introducing our amazing fusion of 100% pure New Zealand Manuka Honey (MGO 220+) and Okinawa Strawberry.

Created using fresh strawberries from Ginoza Village in Okinawa. We carefully process the strawberries with no added sugar or additives and no exessive heat to produce a delciously chunky powder full of the concentrated flavour and nutrients of fresh strawberries.
The rich sweetness of strawberry is balanced with an acidic tang that naturally occurs in strawberries and when fused with 100% pure raw Manuka Honey the result is a spectacularly rich, sweet spread full of the taste of summer strawberries.♡
☆This is not just strawberry jam☆ 
Regular strawberry jam is made with high amounts of added sugar mixed in with strawberries at high heat. The heat breaks down the nutrients in the strawberries and leaves you with a jam that tastes good but doesn't do much for your health. Manuka and Strawberry however is produced using no additional heating so both the Manuka and the Strawberries retain all the properties and nutrients that make them so good for you. And unlike regular jam, we don't add anything. No additives, no added sugar, no preservatives, nothing. Just Manuka Honey and Strawberries.

●Ingredients:Raw Manuka Honey(New Zealand), Strawberry(Okinawa)
●Origin:New Zealand, Japan(Okinawa)
●Manufacturer:Honey Fusion Limited

【How to eat】
Delicious on its own, or equally as good on toast, bread, with your yoghurt in the morning and even with ice cream!!

※ Not suitable for babies under 1 year old.